Chicago Loop – January 6, 2015


Standing in A Flock of Robins

20150104_150637Walking down a block without any footprints breaking the snow I realized suddenly I was standing in a flock of robins. Most rested low in the trees within my reach from the ground; a few glided low along the block. The birds did not show much concern about me despite my intimate vicinity.

I marveled at the alien culture of the robins. I had admired the robin’s perkiness and their spirited defense of a nest, but I had never known them so charming and relaxed. The robins of winter.

I locked eyes with a bird. Then I began to count – I quickly made 8. But as I stepped along I realized there were many more just ahead– altogether perhaps 30 birds. Such a congregation that the birds need not be afraid of so a large animal as myself. A quorum of robins.

It is unnerving when an animal stands its ground. The robins’ easy indifference and aura of secrecy eroded my confidence. I no longer cared to pass. I turned back, leaving them to their mysterious rule of this city block.

Last Year’s Diamonds Still Spangling

The brilliant light of 2015 does catch in the diamond jams of 2014 and shoot back into my eyes: like finger bones into the ribs of the soul. Today we re-contextualize some of my favorite songs from last year as of today, in a new world. Please enjoy this YouTube music mega-mix as happy sounds of today –